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shed" constit●utional rights. "We cannot settle for anything less than ●transformative structural change, which P

is why the Justic●e in Policing Act will remove barriers to prosecuting pol●ice misconduct and covering damages by addressing the imm7

  • Our Curabitur dictum

    ●unity doctrine," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday w●hen introducing the bill. Calling for swift action to1

    pas●s the bill, Pelosi said Wednesday after meeting with Phil●onise Floyd prior to the hearing that injustice in the cu●rrent policL

  • Nam a mauris Pellentesque

    e system "is readily apparent. The need to mak●e the change is clear and the proposals to do so have bee●n in thV

    e hopper for a while." Appearing on Fox News "Fox ● Friends" program Wednesday morning, McEnany noted that W●hite House Chief of StafH


  • f Mark Meadows, presidential advi●ser Jared Kushner and domestic policy adviser Ja'Ron Smit●h on Tuesday huddledd

  • with Republican Senator Tim Scott, w●ho led the GOP effort to devise police reforms. "They had● a very positive meeting with SenatorS

  • Scott and it was ve●ry productive, and we do believe that we will have proact●ive policy prescriptions,k

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